Stock recovery with Flextock™

Beside pharma packaging, QUALISKILLS has developed a complementary, patented, follow-on technology for product re-customization.

This new generation production line is capable of over-printing the country specific information on the primary packaging (e.g. blister foil), to reallocate the excess stock to other markets.

The object is to be able to overprint a color layer on top of the actual blister to allow for data overprinting using the SilverLine LMC.

Key advantages

  • destruction of unsold/expired products can be avoided
  • small markets can still be accessible even if the manufacturer neither utilizes our SilverLine service, nor able to supply in blank blisters
  • expensive and unprofessional de-blistering and repackaging can be avoided
  • parallel importers may gain advantage of professional blister reprinting, in addition to our repackaging/relabeling service in GMP environment 

This unique service is available from Q3 2016.

Re-Customization service (RC)