Minimize stock keeping and maximize its flexibility

With our production site (Pharma Pack) and supply chain we are able to provide a fast and short-term packaging and supply of pharmaceutical products for specific markets.

Primary packaging

  • Complete primary packaging services for pharmaceuticals and food supplements

Secondary Packaging

  • Complete secondary packaging services for pharmaceuticals, food supplements and medical devices
  • Corrective packaging (eg. changing leaflet, changing carton) and repackaging services

Additional services

  • Artwork certification
  • Packaging material procurement and stock handling
  • Package development

Products are not necessarily completed and stocked ready for delivery on demand, but produced in large quantities in advance and first customized for the respective market in the required quantity when needed.

We have an EU GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) pharmaceutical manufacturing License and also Manufacturers Import Licence as required by EU legislation and employ a dedicated team of Qualified Persons (QPs) to monitor and certify the release of drug products to the marketplace.

New concept in packaging

Complete SilverLine Last Moment Customization Service:

  • Brand new packaging and logistics concept as a response to supply chain demands
  • Production optimalization in line with regulatory harmonisation
  • Minimize stock keeping and maximize its flexibility
  • Just-in-time production, customized volume to the specific markets, achieving increased flexibility, minimizing working capital by reducing stock levelflextock.png

More information on SilverLine Last Moment Customization can be found in the White Book, available here