"Csaba Kis, CEO of Qualiskills, shares his insights on the packaging capabilities of the company, its sustainable competitive advantage, the impact of the European serialization guidelines, and the company’s strategic objectives for the future."

"With the Falsified Medicines Directive of February 9, almost all drugs within the EU had to be serialized to curb the sale of counterfeit drugs. Due to the new packaging guidelines, it has impacted all manufacturers and Qualiskills’ productivity too, as it had to adapt and be compliant with the new production regulations. Similar to all other players, the target is to recuperate it by the beginning of 2020. Consequently, it caused shortages of drugs in the market.

Albeit a challenge, the new guidelines have re-emphasized the importance of packaging and customization capabilities. Many manufacturers were not prepared for these new regulations and hence there is a market need for offline serialization of finished products. Qualiskills can also assist clients at this stage of product survival and beyond."

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